We take a storied approach to experience design.

For us, this process goes beyond just storytelling – it means exploring how our clients can become celebrated, acclaimed, even legendary. The kind of experiences that live on in a person’s life long after the trip is over.

This isn’t about telling your brand narrative. This is about creating an immersive journey that takes people through your destination in meaningful & impactful ways.

The history, the lore, the people. We get to look at it with fresh eyes from hundreds of different perspectives and angles. for us, it's diving deep into the stories & lore that pique our curiosity. Exploring the artists & entertainers that made an imprint on the culture. Seeking out the symbols that create meaning in the most unassuming of moments.

Our goal is always to take a property beyond heads in beds, an experience beyond the expected, and give it a real purpose. Our approach is emotional, nostalgic, sensorial, transformational, with every detail contributing value and impacting the guests’ wellbeing.

In today’s world, a good time is important. But when all hospitality & travel brands promise this, it’s simply not enough. We like our experiences to GO somewhere.

This subtle shift away from purely entertainment focus provides immense high-level value to visitors & guests.

In fact, hospitality & tourism brands that focus on creating experiences that fulfill the deeper self-actualization & life-changing desires of visitors see upwards of a 15% price premium. Meanwhile, brands that ignore the deeper needs end up competing on price and can see upwards of a 20% price loss.


But what does it take to extend beyond the norm & expected experiences of today?

This is where our expertise lies. We work with hospitality properties & tourism experiences to deepen the visitor journey. When we look at existing or potential programming, events, spaces, and touchpoints, we are always asking:

What is the point of this? Why does it have to be like this? How does this experience impact someone? And how can we make that impact even greater?

Nearly 75% of respondents in a recent Skift survey reported a growing interest in wellness-related travel experiences, with the highest overall interest being mental wellbeing and gaining a new perspective of the world.

Helping people shift their perspectives, spark their imagination, realize their own potential and purpose… when we put our focus here, we help our clients create experiences that are remarkable and word-of-mouth-worthy.

On a scale of 1-10, how much importance do you place on transformative travel experiences?

(10 = most important)

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“Samantha knows both travel and marketing intimately and deftly adds depth and skill to any project or team. She's curious, resourceful, creative, organized, and consistent. Though our overlap has so far been brief, I look forward to future opportunities to collaborate and see her as a leading visionary in the world of transformational travel and experience design.”

- Chloe Lauer, Director of Special Projects at SLP Urban Planning

“Sam has an incredible way of taking complex and nebulous ideas, wisdom, and science and crafting a message that is simple, yet provocative, imaginative, insightful, and always seems to spur on engagement.”

- Jake Haupert, Founder of the Transformational Travel Council