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The Layers of a High-Value Immersive Experience

Slap a story or two on that activity and you’re golden, right? This is sometimes what I think most people think of when they hear ‘storied experience’. And while most of us appreciate hearing a good story during an experience, this is not (and should not) be the only way we engage guests. If we were to peel back the layers of the activity or activities you offer, would we find these other layers of depth?

The experience world is made up of activities – sometimes tours, other times shows, tastings, hands-on workshops, forms of movement (like hiking, kayaking, yoga), etc. At this level of the ‘experience hierarchy’, things are fairly static. The destinations change, but the activity structure stays the same. I like to think of this level as the container, because these are more rigid in concept. If I call an activity kayaking, you have a pretty good idea of what you’re going to get from it, right?

And this is what we see the majority of the time in the experience world: activities unchanged from their original concept. Very little deviation. So, when operators & hosts look at differentiating an experience, telling stories becomes one of the go-to ways to do so. Because it’s a great way to foster connection and provide cultural context. It’s easy to do and doesn’t cost a thing.

But story is just ONE of dozens of (low to no-cost) ways to engage guests. Can you think of more?

After analyzing and dissecting hundreds of experiences (and coupling those observations with years of behavioral studies) we created Reverie to help hospitality & travel experience leaders create more enriching and immersive experiences. It's a tool we use regularly here at The Storied Experience with our clients. Because getting creative with these layers will have a massively positive influence your concept, positioning, and marketability.

If you have competitors that offer a similar activity in your destination, then this is something you need to pay attention to. Because when people are booking and comparing one activity to another, they’re looking for those ‘special somethings’ that increase the value and desirability of an experience. And sidenote: if you have a multi-day tour or property, reselling existing activities and not doing anything to make them your own will be a more difficult sell.

Ready to create truly one-of-a-kind activities and experiences for your guests? Schedule a call today!


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