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Experiences, Enriched

We help purpose-driven hospitality properties, tourism & retreat hosts create expansive experiences that are door openers for the curious and inquisitive seekers.


We seek to engage guests in ways everyday life doesn’t have the capacity to do and create a dynamic dialogue with the local culture that opens guests’ eyes up to what’s possible for them.


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Image by Liana Mikah

It’s not necessarily about abandoning traditional activities, but infusing them with more meaning, personality, creativity, and sensory magic. Too often, moments are strung together in a disjointed manner and created without transformation in mind, leaving guests disengaged and far from the path to their true desires. We ensure the concepts and programming we're co-creating with you are differentiated and valuable by weaving together a variety of story & wellbeing strategies.

Below you will find our brand ethos that drive our approach: captivate with culture, weave in wellbeing, support with story, and position with personality. 

Led by curious creatives


It’s the things you see – the food, the aesthetics, the literature, the clothing… but it’s also the things you don’t see – the beliefs, the values, the concepts of ideal living… that make a culture what it is.

We assist our clients in becoming a cultural hub, a direct portal into the local scene that spells the difference between just visiting a place and really being there. A big part of our process is diving deep into the stories & lore that piques our curiosity.


Exploring the leaders & movements that made an imprint on the culture. Seeking out the symbols that we can use to create meaning in the most unassuming of moments. And helping you immerse guests into your unique concept of the local heritage.


“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

How We Can Work Together

Creative Concept Development
Guest Experience Journey
Cultural & Wellbeing Programming
Partnerships & Collaborative Initiatives
Brand Activations & Touchpoints


switch on people’s imagination with a storied experience


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Broken down into 6 modules with eye-opening resources, visuals, strategic workbooks and exercises, Spark builds upon well-respected marketing & storytelling concepts, design frameworks, and wellbeing theories to help properties & tourism experiences stand out and get booked up.

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