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Experiences, Enriched

We help purpose-driven hospitality properties, tourism & retreat hosts create expansive experiences that are door openers for the curious and inquisitive seekers.


We know how to engage guests in ways everyday life doesn’t have the capacity to do and create a dynamic dialogue with the local culture that opens peoples’ eyes up to what’s possible. 

Our approach is... 



To us, immersion is not just a hot buzzword, it is a neurological state that can be measured. By focusing on the significant aspects of immersion, we create experiences with depth and emotional saliency. Our unique approach borrows from story-building to create a guest journey that challenges guest to evolve within their own personal narrative.



What interactive aspect is often missing from today’s polished hospitality scene? Play. Not just about having fun, play changes the nervous system for the better and supports us in exploring & adopting new ways of being. Most adults are deprived of play in their daily life, making it all the more valuable and desirable during their travels.



While increased revenue is one metric of success, it is not our only metric. The wellbeing of your team, guests, community, and destination are equally important to us. Our values of natural & cultural preservation and positive social impact are what guide our experience design methodologies. Our aim is to not be a drain, but an uplifting force.

And most importantly, profitable. We look at each experience design decision through the lens of value-hierarchy and many of our strategies are low-to-no cost ways to engage guests. Keep scrolling to learn more about our process.

Concept Refresh

What’s your experience promising that others don’t?

Infusing emotion and meaning into a concept is crucial for crafting an experience that strongly resonates with people. No matter how creative your concept may be, without a purposeful promise, it will inevitably fall short for guests. When we work together, we start at the concept level, uncovering opportunities to enhance the promise and make it more enticing to prospective guests. By aligning the concept with travelers’ deeper desires, we can create a truly valuable experience.

The Storied Experience (1).png



How does the environment interact with guests?

How is this experience impacting your guests?

There's more to an experience than what meets the eye. While beauty and aesthetics are important, multi-sensory engagement is where the real value lies for guests. Whether you have a physical space or you're taking guests on a journey, there are other ways to invite interaction & immersion within your environment, and this is what we will explore together.

We can help ensure that the experiences you offer align with your concept and its promise, the culture & sense of place, and the emotional desires of your guests. We do this by taking a creative layered approach to experience design, resulting in 100% unique and one-of-a-kind activities, journeys, and destinations that people can only experience with you.


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