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A team of curious creatives with a unique approach to creating high-impact experiences that guests & visitors can't help but talk about.


A visionary hospitality or experience host, passionate steward of the local culture with a powerful opportunity to impact the lives of guests.


Together we can create a purpose-driven brand and journey that attracts high-value guests searching for more.

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The Storied Experience was founded by Samantha Hardcastle, an inquisitive storyteller bringing 12 years of creative strategy to hospitality & experience brands worldwide. Her diverse background working with transformational travel designers, art & design experiences, food & beverage destinations, and outdoor adventure travel allows her to bring a unique, holistic perspective to the experience design process.


With a mission to help hospitality & tourism brands align with a deeper purpose and deliver a more enriching experience to guests, Samantha takes a cultural wellbeing approach. A thoughtful theorist of positive psychology and human behavior, she is always focused on how she can help hosts create meaningful programming that enables guests to flourish. One of Samantha’s greatest gifts is her ability to take intangible frameworks, ideas, and stories and bring them to life in sensorial and interactive ways.

By age 15, Samantha had already traveled cross-country from NY to CA. Her love for other cultures and their stories is what fuels her. She is dedicating her life to seeing the world and making it a more harmonious, joyful place – one experience at a time. Samantha is a member of the World Experience Organization, Women Travel Leaders, the International Luxury Hotel Association, and has a guest experience & marketing certificate from Cornell University.

Our Partners

We work closely with skillful creatives and advisors all over the world to help you maximize your business's success.

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Designer | Studio St. George

Brianna's visual design skills are never-ending. From charismatic brand identity to mesmerizing murals and luxurious touchpoints, her eclectic yet refined style is a great fit for hospitality brands looking to stand out. 



Regenerative Consultant | La Penya

Jaume brings to the table a new economic model for regeneration. When it comes to building and sustaining environmentally and socially sustainable initiatives, we turn to him for his innovative, data-backed strategies. 



Curator | Pls Do Tell & Recuerdos

A thoughtful cultural curator, Lourdes helps hospitality destinations build out their unique retail offerings. Pop-ups and collaborations with local makers are a few ways she supports brands tell their story in tangible, memorable ways. 



Customer Service Consultant

Once your experience is elevated, it’s up to your front-line employees to deliver. Jamie’s unique experience as a concierge has helped her develop incredible customer service trainings and workshops. She is our trusted partner for inspiring workers!

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Cost Optimization Specialist

When we need to free up some cash-flow, Mike is the best at finding leakages in supplier-based expenses for our hospitality clients. Saving on average 20% of costs with no up-front investment, Mike works his magic to increase client profitability.

How We Can Work Together

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