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Is your brand identity magnetizing your dream visitors & guests? Or repelling? 

There's no more important time than now to create a concept and identity that is purpose-ful, personality-packed, and aligned with the motivations of the visitors & guests you desire to attract.

Consumers are more scrutinizing than ever, selecting the brands and experiences that align with their own values, virtues, and long-term vision for themselves and the world. No brand can afford to lose out because they're too afraid to own their identity - now is not the time to play small. The archetypes help your brand stand out like no other! 

The Archetype Attraction guide & workbook is designed to help you figure out which archetype(s) your brand is best set up to embrace to maximize your success. The more your brand aligns with archetypes that matter to you & your team, the more you're likely to draw in aligned visitors & guests!

This value-packed 35-page strategic workbook will guide you through the process of uncovering your archetypes so that you can... 

  • Create more value throughout your visitor journey based on what your visitors & guests actually want - not what you THINK the want 

  • Strengthen your purpose & vision (did you know that people are 4-6x more likely to purchase, protect and champion purpose-driven brands?) 

  • Communicate in a charismatic way based on what feels good for your brand, instead of trying to mimic competitors & being seen as a copycat brand

  • Attract visitors & guests that LOVE LOVE LOVE your experience and become your greatest champions (hello word of mouth!) 


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