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After a year without travel, words like ‘meaningful’ and ‘purposeful’ are getting thrown around now more than ever. Hospitality & tourism is being challenged to stretch and expand, to deliver more significant value and more transformation than ever before.

The days of overtourism, heads in beds, and surface-level placelessness are behind us. After a tumultuous year, today’s visitor will need a different kind of experience. One with their wellbeing and their potential at the heart of it.


But what exactly does it look like for an experience to be meaningful and purposeful? Who are the industry role models of these abstract concepts? And is it something any property or attraction can easily actualize?


We like to think so, but not without a little passion, creativity, a deeper understanding of human behavior, and an eagerness to evolve.

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Access the example now!


To demonstrate, this case will walk you through a creative concept and examples of a visitor experience that has been re-imagined and re-designed with this new era of experiences in mind.


In this example, what was once just a basic, no-frills inn is now an immersive cultural retreat with intentional & thoughtful programming, spaces, and touchpoints. We saw its potential and brought the story of this destination to life.


Our hope is to give you a stronger sense of what meaning and purpose look like in a tangible way. To spark inspiration and show you how a simple concept can have a strong, valuable ripple effect in your guest experience. To give you a good idea of what a purposeful hospitality & tourism journey really could look like!

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