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5 Key Questions to Ask When Evaluating Your Guest Experience

The travel space has evolved so rapidly over the last five years, mainly due to the transformational travel and regenerative travel movements taking root. The goalposts of a remarkable and meaningful experience are constantly being pushed further ahead, making it difficult for properties & experience hosts to keep up.

While the leaders in the industry have seemingly found their way in this changing landscape, we see the smaller independent businesses struggle to create something of meaning. Oftentimes this pressure to ‘do something’ comes from a reactive, not a creative, place. Slowing down and reflecting will help you focus on what really matters when creating an enriching guest experience.

When working with our clients, these are just a handful of the questions we explore together. Co-creating with a team informed in wellbeing & positive psychology really helps expand beyond the expected. Not only that - research shows that by focusing on making OK or good experiences better — creating defining moments — businesses can receive a 9x higher revenue return. So without further ado, let's explore:

Where are we holding back our passions & personality?

Do you hold back in fear of coming off as a crazy zealot? So many teams cut themselves off before their creativity really has potential to bloom. Or worse, they only integrate part of their passions and leave behind the ones that don’t seem to “fit in”. This half-hearted approach is the root cause of all ordinary experiences around the world. Don’t be afraid to put all of yourself and your enthusiasm into your experience.

Can guests do these activities easily at home?

There’s a serious lack of innovation and creativity in programming today. Cookie cutter or “copy-and-paste” programming lacks one of the most important layers of an enriching experience: novelty. A deviation from the norm is often required in helping guests break out of complacency & autopilot mode and creating more value for them. Novelty sells for a reason! It's closely tied to our sense of curiosity, which is a massive driver for seeking new experiences in the first place.

What emotional states are we journeying guests through?

You aim to create an experience where people can enjoy themselves. You say you want people to have fun. But have you ever gotten specific about what you want your experience to do for them emotionally? Are you leading people somewhere intentional with each moment? Emotional intentionality requires deepening your emotional intelligence and getting specific about the emotions you want to create – and how you plan to do that.

What permission slip does our experience give people?

The best experiences empower their guests to make better choices. Every choice creates a new, expansive narrative in your guests’ lives. If you’re not 100% clear on what you want your experience to do for people, or what ‘aha’ moments your experience leads to, how do you expect to create an impactful experience? Think about how the new perspectives gained through your experience lead people down more rewarding paths.

How does our experience help our guests flourish?

Does your experience help instill powerful values for your guests? What new rituals and ways of being is your guest taking away with them? Are you teaching guests something that will help them flourish back home? Creating your own unique concept of wellbeing and developing your activities around it is essential for success in 2022 and beyond. It's not enough to just drop them in nature or a yoga class and hope for the best!

We hope these questions have given you something to think about as you expand and elevate your property, experience, or retreat to new heights. If you're interested in learning more about the work we do here at The Storied Experience, click here to schedule a complimentary 30 minute creative consult with us today.


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