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"It is so nice to stumble upon someone in this big world that speaks your language and understands where you want to go. And trust me I have been searching for a long time. It was so lovely to work with you, I could not have done this without you."


- Sonja S. Hotelier & Experience Designer 

"With Samantha's help, we were able to pin down the perfect slogan that highlights our brand archetypes, connect local symbols to our brand in a really fun way, and tweak the delivery of our charters in order to support wellbeing in the form of play and connection with culture, nature, and each other. I cannot recommend working with Samantha enough - she is incredibly gifted at examining the many layers of an experience in order to find the tangible nuggets of gold that a brand can harness and highlight. A true catalyst for transformation in the tourism industry!"


- Brittney V. Boat Charter Host 

"This was a great exercise to better understand our ideal customer and how our services can resonate with their goal to incorporate the best wine tour experience and enjoying fine French wine and traveling well. I highly recommend this for the travel professional wanting to offer a competitive advantage that responds to their ideal client."


- Pascale B. Luxury Wine Tour Host 

"Working with Samantha to identify and really bring to life the archetypes of our customers had a profound and powerful impact on our company's strategic direction, the services and programs we offer, and the overall success of our business. I can't recommend letting Samantha guide you on your own storytelling and archetypal journey strongly enough."


- Michael B, Travel Designer & Retreat Planner 

“Sam has an incredible way of taking complex and nebulous ideas, wisdom, and science and crafting a message that is simple, yet provocative, imaginative, insightful, and always seems to spur on engagement.”


- Jake H. Travel Designer & Retreat Planner

Experience Concept Development, Brand Messaging, Web Design

Washington is like the hip younger sibling of all the United States. It's open-minded, free-spirited, and the home of many modern-day legends. It witnesses the missteps of its older and sometimes not-so-wiser sibling states, and carves its own progressive path.​ Add in its natural beauty and adventurous landscape, and you’ve got yourself the perfect haven for those seeking change and wellbeing.

Washington will always have plentiful of outdoor activities and fire-pits to gather around, but we believe this destination has more to give. We created this retreat concept to merge adventure with culture in a meaningful 4-day retreat. 

Screen Shot 2022-04-21 at 7.25.10 AM.png

Brand Messaging & Positioning (Web Design in progress)

This visionary hotelier knew her destination didn't need another mindfulness retreat, nor did she want just another spa offering. She desired something transformational that fit in with the playful concept she had already so thoughtfully established.


We wanted the common thread throughout the experience narrative to be 'tinkering', due to the name of the property. We created an ethos and a vision for the retreat that revolved around the idea that long-term healing isn't found in just one massage or one breath-work session, but in experimentation, exploration, and finding our ebb and flow. The storyline we created appeals to the curious tinkerer that is seeking to open new doors in their life.

Screen Shot 2022-04-21 at 7.04.57 AM.png

Brand Messaging & Positioning 

A horse trek experience in the Mongolian wilderness was having trouble expressing the value of their tours to prospective travelers. They were losing out to the big luxurious tour agencies that had strong reputations. Our discussions & exploration lead us to uncovering a positioning concept that the competition wasn't addressing. 

This brand was poised to attract more spiritual, wellbeing attentive travelers seeking a transformational experience. This also happens to be where their passions lie. So we created a brand communication plan around it. By focusing on the traveler and their desires & emotional drivers, we were able to speak their language and set the brand apart in a compelling way.

Screen Shot 2022-04-21 at 7.04.13 AM.png
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