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They crave richer connection. They desire deeper meaning. They long to feel ALIVE again.

 Who are ‘they’? Well… everyone. But the real question is: how do you deliver?


The workshop is now closed, but you can get on the wait list for the next one: 


There is an art & science to experience enrichment - taking a predictable, one-dimensional activity and turning it into something more.

Join us for a special interactive workshop where we are pulling back the curtain on our immersive experience design process using our proprietary journey mapping tool. Our journey map is pre-populated with 30+ different engagement techniques (that are rooted in behavioral science), 40+ emotional states, and other important elements to keep in mind as you conceptualize each moment of your experience.


Whether you’re looking to increase the value of a one-hour activity or a multi-day journey, this workshop is for purpose-driven hosts of all kinds, all over the world. In this workshop you will discover...

And more. All you will need to bring your curiosity & creativity, and a desire for impact! Workshop will return later in 2023, stay tuned. 

How to align your experience with the deeper desires of today's high-value guest

The process of 'layering' to create meaningful moments throughout your experience

Ways to leverage story strategy & narrative building tactics for maximum immersion


Your Investment

  • What if I can’t make it live?
    The workshop will be recorded and we will schedule a Q&A that works for the majority of workshop attendees a few weeks after the workshop so that you can get tailored advice. If you can't attend the Q&A live, you can submit your questions to be answered during the second part of this workshop.
  • How do I access the journey mapping tool post-workshop?
    In its early stages, the tool has been created with Canva’s new whiteboard technology. This makes it easy for us to supply you with the template so you can use it again and again. It also makes it easy for you to collaborate with your team. Click here to learn more.
  • I already have my experience pretty fleshed out, is this only for the creation of new experiences?
    There are always opportunities to add more value in each and every moment. This program will help you layer in aspects of play, immersion, and flow to your existing experience, or help you if you’re starting from ground zero.
  • I'm a hotelier looking to host more experiences on-site, is this for me?
    Absolutely! This will help you not only map out each experience, but also you’re overarching guest journey.
  • I'm not ready/now isn't a good time - will this workshop be offered again in the future?
    It's possible, yes. For now, the tool will be going into the Spark Five-Star Success Pathway, with instructions on how to use it. So if you decide in a month or two that you need it and no workshop is being offered, you can purchase the course.

This workshop is a one-time investment of $400 USD. It includes lifetime usage of our journey mapping tool + our Emotional Intelligence workbook. The live 2-hour workshop is on March 15th (through Zoom), and includes a 1-hour Q&A follow up in early April (date/time TBD based on the majority of attendees' availablity). This will give you time to play around with the journey map and come back with questions!

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